Sarten Bulgaria acquired a second factory in Lyaskovets

On 11 August 2020 Sarten Bulgaria Ltd. and FMA AD signed the final contract for the acquisition of the assets of FMA in the city of Lyaskovets, Bulgaria by Sarten Bulgaria. As of that date Sarten Bulgaria is the owner of the factory in Lyaskovets.

We are confident that this development is to the benefit of both companies as well as to the benefit  of all customers of Sarten Bulgaria and FMA. The joint capacity of the factories in Pleven and Lyaskovets will be the fundament to meet the ever growing orders and expectations of our customers. The acquisition will expand the variety of metal packaging produced by Sarten Bulgaria, especially in the field of industrial packaging and twist-off caps, and will lead to further growth of the sales on the Bulgarian and international markets.

Sarten Bulgaria is a leading Bulgarian producer of metal packaging for the food industry and the chemical industry who builds on the 45-year experience and support of Sarten Group. The company sees her mission in producing top quality metal packaging at competitive prices and in providing fast service to her customers.


Award for Sarten Bulgaria

Pleven 2014
Sarten Bulgaria has been given the Award for Exports and International Reputation for 2014. The award was received by the Executive Director Mr. Branimir Mladenov at the ceremony hosted by Pleven Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 5 December 2014. It is for third consecutive year that Sarten Bulgaria received awards by Pleven Municipality and Pleven Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 2012 the company was awarded Exporter of the Year, and in 2013 – Investor of the Year. In 2014 the overall sales of the company reached 23,2 mln EUR while the exports exceeded 17,5 mln EUR. The steady growth in production and sales is a clear indication of the successful development of Sarten Bulgaria throughout the years.